|  Champion’s Dictionary

Amateur: a person who does not love the game enough.

Analysis Paralysis: a disease caused by overanalyzing and
overthinking everything to death. (See Perfection Trap)

Associations: the people you allow into your life. (See Disassociations and Expanded Associations)

Bonus Minutes: extra time to invest in priority tasks. (See Zero
Minute Tasks)

Cheap: a person who wants value at the expense of someone else.

Communication: talking and listening.

Cooperative Money: achieved by networking instead of competing.

Courage: taking the necessary risks to urn your vision into reality.

Disassociations: separating yourself from people who are destructive to your well-being. (See Associations and Expanded Associations)

Discipline: the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

Dominator: a person who makes a lasting impression from the moment
he or she steps into the room.

Entrepreneurship: the pursuit of opportunity without regard to
resources currently controlled.

Excellence: achieving high standards consistently.

Expanded Associations: investing more time with the right people.  (See Associations and Disassociations)

Financial Responsibility: how much you earn, what you spend
your money on, and how much you keep.

Generalist: someone who knows a little about a lot.

Gift: a special God-given talent; something you are the best at.

Low-Risk Idea: something you know you can do or make real.

Mission: a spiritual bond dedicated to a higher calling.

Mojo: the confidence, energy, and expertise to lead people.

Passion: a combination of love and anger.

Perfection Trap: obsessed to the point of stagnation (See Analysis

Presence: how you are being seen.

Professional: a person who loves the game so much they dedicate
their life to it.

Quitter: someone who quits simply because things got tough.

Red Zone: time spent putting out fires and doing damage control.

Resistance: the force inside each of us that holds us back.

Specialist: someone who knows a lot about a little.

Spiritual Money: earned by building a business on a strong mission.

Strategy: the plan on how to get a tactic done.

Tactic: what you do. (See Strategy)

Task Triage: a system for dividing your time into three different
categories based on urgency.

Team Smarts: finding the best combination of people required by the
task at hand.

Time Audit: an exercise to see where your minutes are going.

Word-of-Mouth: clients tell their friends about you.

Work Overload: excessive tasks stifling efficiency.

Zero Minute Tasks: activities that can absolutely, 100% be done by
someone else.


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